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Evergrande Stock Crashes Again, Heightening Collapse Worries

Evergrande Stock Crashes Again, Heightening Collapse Worries

In a continuing saga that has captivated global markets, Evergrande Group, the embattled Chinese property developer, witnessed another significant stock crash, intensifying concerns of a potential company collapse. With fears mounting and investors on edge, the future of Evergrande hangs in the balance, leaving ripple effects on China’s property sector and wider economy.


Stock Plummets and Market Cap Shrinks

On Wednesday, Evergrande’s stock plummeted by 19%, closing at a meager 32 Hong Kong cents (4 US cents). This decline brought the company’s market capitalization down to a mere 4.2 billion Hong Kong dollars ($539 million), representing a staggering loss of 99.9% since its peak in October 2017. The sharp decline reflects growing apprehensions surrounding the company’s financial stability and the potential for a complete liquidation.


Worsening Woes and Regulatory Probes

This week, Evergrande’s predicament worsened when it issued a warning that its offshore debt restructuring plan might face obstacles due to a regulatory investigation into its main subsidiary in mainland China. The warning followed news of Chinese police launching a criminal probe into Evergrande, marking the first criminal investigation since the company defaulted on its debt nearly two years ago. These developments have further eroded investor confidence and prompted concerns about the company’s ability to come up with a viable survival plan.


Impact on China’s Economy

As China’s second-largest real estate company, Evergrande’s struggles have far-reaching consequences for the country’s property sector and wider economy. With debts amounting to $328 billion as of June, the company has been striving to implement a government-supervised debt restructuring plan. Evergrande’s proposal involves reaching a settlement with international creditors and filing for bankruptcy protection in the United States. However, the cancellation of recent creditor meetings and weaker-than-expected sales have impeded progress, raising the specter of liquidation.


The Uncertain Road Ahead

The increasing risk of Evergrande’s potential liquidation has left investors on edge, as uncertainty looms over the company’s future. Analysts and market observers are closely monitoring the situation, particularly in light of Beijing’s efforts to stimulate housing demand and its impact on economic growth. The outcome of Evergrande’s restructuring and the efficacy of government measures will significantly influence China’s economic trajectory in the coming months.



Evergrande’s ongoing stock crashes and the mounting fear of its collapse have cast a long shadow over China’s property market and broader economy. The company’s struggles to find a viable solution to its debt burden and regulatory challenges have triggered investor concerns and raised questions about the stability of the Chinese real estate sector. As the situation unfolds, market participants, policymakers, and global investors will closely watch Evergrande’s fate and its potential repercussions on the global financial landscape.

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