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China’s Manufacturing Sector Shows Signs of Recovery Amidst Golden Week Travel Boom

China’s Manufacturing Sector Shows Signs of Recovery Amidst Golden Week Travel Boom

China’s economy is displaying glimmers of hope as the manufacturing sector shows signs of recovery and a travel boom takes place during the annual “Golden Week” holiday. After experiencing a significant slowdown earlier this year, these positive developments suggest that the Chinese economy may be regaining momentum. The recent uptick in the official manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) and the surge in domestic travel during the holiday season offer promising indications for the country’s economic revival.

Manufacturing PMI Indicates Expansion

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China’s official manufacturing PMI rose to 50.2 in September, marking the first expansion since March. Any reading above 50 signifies growth or expansion, while a reading below indicates contraction. This increase in the PMI suggests that the manufacturing sector, which plays a crucial role in China’s economy, is gaining strength once again. Additionally, a separate index measuring services and construction activities reached 51.7, its highest level in three months, indicating positive growth in these sectors as well.

Slowdown in Momentum for Manufacturing and Services

Despite the overall positive picture, a private gauge of activity released by Caixin Media and S&P Global showed a slight loss of momentum in both manufacturing and services sectors. This indicates that while the economy is recovering, the pace of growth may have slowed down compared to the previous month. It is worth noting that the official PMI survey primarily covers larger, state-owned enterprises, while the Caixin reading focuses on smaller, private firms. Therefore, considering both indices together provides a more comprehensive understanding of China’s economic landscape.

Record-Breaking Golden Week Travel

The “Golden Week” holiday, which combines the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day holiday, witnessed a remarkable surge in travel activities. On the first day of the break, China’s national railway handled a record-breaking 20.1 million passenger trips, while the Ministry of Transport estimated that 66 million vehicles were on the roads. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism projected a total of 896 million domestic trips during the entire break, a 15% increase compared to 2019, before the pandemic disrupted travel plans.

Economic Implications of Travel Boom

The significant increase in domestic road and rail travel during Golden Week has the potential to provide a much-needed boost to China’s struggling economy. Since the end of zero-Covid restrictions in December, the country has grappled with tepid domestic demand. However, recent data suggests signs of stabilization and recovery. Industrial profits saw a notable jump of 17.2% in August, and both industrial production and retail sales experienced positive growth. These positive indicators, combined with the surge in domestic travel, indicate that efforts to stimulate consumer spending and accelerate infrastructure projects are bearing fruit.

Outlook for China’s Economy

The combination of a rebound in the manufacturing sector and the positive impact of the Golden Week travel boom paints an optimistic outlook for China’s economy. While challenges and uncertainties remain, such as the ongoing property slump, policymakers are cautiously optimistic about the potential for growth stabilization. Beijing has been implementing targeted measures to revive the economy without resorting to excessive stimulus that could exacerbate debt levels. These gradual steps, coupled with the resilience of the manufacturing sector and the boost from domestic travel, provide hope for a sustained recovery in the coming months.


China’s economy is showing positive signs of recovery, with the manufacturing sector indicating expansion and the Golden Week travel boom injecting vitality into various sectors. The increase in the official PMI, along with the surge in domestic travel, offers hope for a revival in China’s economy after a period of slowdown. As the country continues to navigate the challenges ahead, policymakers remain focused on implementing prudent measures to support growth while managing debt levels. The resilience of China’s economy, coupled with these recent positive developments, suggests that the road to recovery is within reach.

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